Japan 2017, Kyoto(2)

The 31st of March was a seriously rainy day but this did not stop us from seeing more stunning dry rock gardens in particular Daisen-in and Zuiho-in, both part of the enormous Daitokuji-Monastery. Daisen-in is different, every stone has a name and a meaning and Zuiho-in is interesting because the main garden was created only in  the 1960’s.

Our last day in Kyoto started with a marvellous spring dance and music performance of the Kyoto Geishas. The Miyako Odori performance runs for three weeks every spring and is preceded by a Japanese tea ceremony (see picture above).

Afterwards we strolled through the gardens of the Siver Pavillon (not silver but wooden), along the Philosopher’s Way, and in the gardens of Nanzen-ji temple complex in beautiful sunshine.

The cherry blossom was really only just beginning in Kyoto but people were out and about in anticipation. That night we took our last and fastest bullet train the Nazomi back to Tokyo. The ride of 452km takes around 2 and 1/2 hrs!

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