Japan 2017, skiing in the sunshine at Rusutsu


This morning we were greeted by the sun rising behind mount Yotei, we all got up at 6am and drove off to Rusutsu the largest resort in Hokkaido with stunning views and ski slopes. Also the resort is frequented by mainly elderly Japanese a welcome change to the  gung-ho snowborders in Niseko. So lucky that we could finally enjoy views of the stunning landscape.  The temperature was -17 degrees centigrade when we left but the sun soon warmed up the the mountains.

The pictures below tell all, lake Toya and the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Mount Isola also has this lovely Bell gate which kept ringing with Tony’s ski entangled in the rope.

Mounts Yotei and Shiribetzu represent husband and wife in ancient Japanese belief.  There is supposedly a special energy  running through the middle of it. Tony almost hanged himself on the bell rope. I leave the interpretation of that to you.



We finished the day with visiting a large Japanese hardware shop,  sushi and an Onsen  to soothe our aching and aging muscles after a hard days skiing!

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